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Inspection Services:
- Residential
- Commercial Buildings
- Re-inspection
- 1-year Warranty
- Termite inspection

​With over 20 years experience in the home inspection business, I will inspect your potential home systematically; noting all problems, even minor ones, as I go, from ground to roof. 

Even if your home or commercial building looks fine on an initial walk-through, there may be serious underlying issues that could impact your decision to buy. A real estate inspection will allow you to see what you are really paying for before purchase. 

Any and all issues will be noted to help you make a decision. Even new homes may not have been built up to code, and it is my job to inform you as a buyer. 

I prefer it if the buyer is present during the inspection so that I may answer your questions as I go, or at the conclusion of the inspection so that I may go over any problems with you then. You will also get a detailed typed report with multiple pictures as documentation. If you cannot make the inspection, the report will be emailed to you and you can contact me the next day with any questions or concerns.

My services also include a wood-destroying insect report that informs you of any potential termites or other damaging insects that may be infesting the home you want to purchase. In order to get a housing loan, many times this letter is needed. If you use our company, we provide this complimentary service for you. 

I base my pricing off of the size of the house, foundation type, and any additional features your prospective purchase may have. I do not charge any additional fees for more than one central A/C or water heaters. If it is in the house, it is in the price. In order to provide you with an accurate estimate, please contact me. 

When you call or email, please have the following information at hand:
  • Age of house
  • Square Feet
  • Foundation Type (slab or pier and beam)
  • Additional Features

​Call me, Curtis Wilson, at 210 867-8881, or send me an email, to get an estimate.
-sprinkler system in the yard

-pool or hot tub

-spa tubs (usually in the master bath)